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Toxicity: S + N – T = Physical Health

In the Health Formula, everyone agrees on “minus toxicity,” but this is easier said than done. It is difficult to avoid ingesting, inhaling or absorbing through the skin, the many man-made chemicals in food, cosmetics and drugs of all kinds.

Once toxins enter the body and are designated as “not useful for body functions” they are slated for dilution, elimination or storage to keep them away from critical body systems. They are routinely handled unless the toxic burden increases to such an extent, they overwhelm the protective systems.

Toxins also originate inside the body, some routinely as a result of normal metabolic activity like exhaling carbon dioxide, while others are related to bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.

Of particular interest are the infectious bacteria living in the oral cavity. It is not so much that the mouth is the entry point to environmental bacteria and food, but more importantly, it is the locale of past dental procedures where healing has not fully taken place.

Wisdom tooth extraction sites, root canals and bone adjacent to teeth can become breeding grounds for bacteria and their toxins. They multiply in the dentine tubules and periodontal ligaments and then enter into lymphatic drainage system, into the blood stream, and into tissue and organs in other parts of the body.

Many unresolved health problems which patients bring to Natural Dentistry, show real improvement with ozination therapy, removal of root canal teeth and cavitation surgery.

Other sources of toxicity in the oral cavity can be from mercury used in fillings, the galvanic response between different metals, fluoride, and even the anesthetics used to deaden nerves.

Reducing or removing the toxicity burdens of the body enables the natural functions to return to “normal” operation which is Health.


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