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What is Natural Dentistry?

Natural, holistic, or biological dentistry approaches the jaw, teeth and gums as one part of the connected systems of the whole body. What happens in the mouth affects other parts of the body and vice versa.

“Natural” also carries the idea that the dentist works with the self-healing mechanisms of the body and should not introduce toxic substances as part of dental procedures. This is not a small point as the violation of this principle is what generated the interest in finding new and better approaches for patients with dental problems, ones that would provide healthier outcomes.

Patient health is the goal of Natural Dentistry, along with achieving a great smile naturally. If the mouth is not healthy, it is reflected in disease and dysfunction in other parts of the body. It is commonly understood that the first stop on the road to regaining health is at a Natural Dentistry office. Without finding and correcting dental problems other health remedies may not work.

In Natural Dentistry a healthy mouth includes being free of toxic materials, which can include silver amalgam fillings (50% mercury), stainless steel nickel crowns covered with a layer of porcelain, fluoride and other substances. A healthy mouth does not have restorations with toxic materials or cavitations harboring toxic bacteria. A healthy mouth has sound gum tissues, no infection or deep pockets. A large portion of gum problems are allergic reaction to dental materials.

Natural Dentistry also understands the way the teeth come together, the bite, matters to overall health. A malocclusion or “bad bite” developed from missing and worn teeth or earlier can throw off the skeletal structure. A restricted airway can reduce oxygen and airflow, creating a condition called sleep apnea or alter the nerve pathways through the skull which inflame and irritate nerves to and from the brain. A myriad of physical problems can result!

Being a natural dentist requires a greater responsibility to look beyond the immediate symptoms and patient complaint to look at what is causing the problems. A good biological dentist is actually a dental physician, one who can positively affect overall systemic body health.

The Natural Dentist stresses informed choice, which means all options are given to the patient, along with the pros and cons of each one. It is totally up to the patient to decide which route is proper without undue pressure in a particular direction. This is appealing to many patients who are researching solutions on the internet and want to take more control over their own health.

Biomimetic Dentistry - The Newest Technology in dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry - The Newest Technology in dentistry
What is Biomimetic Dentistry? Why should you as a patient choose Biomimetic dentistry? Watch this explainer from Natural Dentistry, explaining all you need to know about Biomimetic Dentistry.

What is biomimetic dentistry?

Biomimetic dentistry is a new breed of technology for innovative dental treatment. Biomimetic means -life-like copy, which is the broad underlying theory of this technology.

In biomimetic treatments, teeth are reconstructed using materials with many of the same characteristics as the dentin and enamel of natural teeth.

What are the goals of biomimetic dentistry?

There are six key goals of biomimetic dentistry:

  • Conserve dental pulp
  • Repair or eliminate cracks
  • Remove pathology
  • Preserve the tooth structure
  • Reinforce the tooth structure
  • Delay retreatment

Why choose biomimetic dentistry over traditional treatments?

The main reason for the adoption of biomimetic dentistry is sustainability. In traditional dentistry, with each successive treatment, the original tooth becomes more and more damaged.

Fillings can shrink or expand, causing tooth decay or cracks that can lead to increasingly severe oral conditions.

Biomimetic dentistry focuses on strengthening and protecting the healthy section of the tooth to prevent further complications. The result is a long-lasting solution to damage and decay with minimal maintenance.

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Dr. Beata A. Carlson at Clearwater, FL

Dr. Beata A. Carlson

A graduate from the University of Maryland, Dr. Beata A. Carlson, is an established professional in dentistry. She is a firm believer in taking on a holistic approach to treating her patients’ dental concerns. It entails a general awareness of the body. It caters to the overall well-being of the patient using natural, biocompatible, and mercury-free dentistry methods instead of ‘spot treatment,’ where solutions are obtained to fix the temporary/surface wound instead of the underlying issue.

This approach promotes healthy living and proper oral care practice for day to day life. Dr. Beata A. Carlson insists on educating her patients on how to engage in such methods to help them achieve a better quality of life.

She invests both time and resources in the latest and most advanced technology to aid in diagnostics and treatment plans for her patients while maintaining a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Dr. Beata A. Carlson is also a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, The American Academy of General Dentistry and The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.