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Nutrition is an energy transfer system



Nutrition: S + N – T = Physical Health

Nutrition is an energy transfer system. Eating food delivers sun energy into the body. Plants have a unique capability to receive energy from the sun and turn it into a chemical energy stored as glucose or sugar. Plant leaves absorb heat and light,combine it with mineral energy from soil, water and carbon dioxide, and under ideal growing conditions develop a nutrient dense structure. The better the soil and the healthier the plant, the higher the quality of nutrition delivered.

High Density Nutrition from plants, either directly consumed or consumed by animals that are then eaten, maximizes the energy transfer to the body. But here is the problem. It is not common today for the majority of the population to be consuming high density nutrition. The emphasis in food production has moved away from nutritional value as its goal.

Today we see:

  • soil depletion which inhibits plants in the transfer of energy
  • mass farming techniques, including the use of GMO seed
  • processing of food for shipping long distances
  • toxic food packaging material for consumer convenience
  • taste enhancement, msg, etc.
  • the addition of food fillers to lower costs,
  • the consumption of toxic chemicals from drugs, a water supply with additives such as flouride, cosmetics ladden with toxic chemicals, and even air that is polluted.

All have degraded the nutrition entering the body. Many “foods” are treated by the body as poisons which then requires time and energy to keep them away from harming vital functions. The body is left to cope as best it can under the circumstances with less than optimum energy. If body systems reach a point they can no longer cope, warning signs manifest in pains, feelings of tiredness, random symptoms around the body and loss of functions – all indicating that something must change!

Medicine is the treatment of illness or sickness and is additive to the natural processes within the body that maintain body systems and provide energy. Medicines are not part of nutrition by definition. The importance granted medicine as a solution to regain body health is a major contributor to the complexity on the subject of nutrition.

Health is important to everyone we see in our Natural Dentistry office, but the path back to good health is limited by the current state of the food supply and by the confusions generated by all of the “health solutions” facing anyone looking for answers. The trend for individuals and communities to supply their own clean nutritious food is underway and will certainly expand as too much is at stake.

Dentistry is a remedial science and we want to make sure that what we do aligns with the body processes and the systems nature has established. We certainly don’t what to add additional toxic burdens when they can easily be avoided!

Albert Scweitzer to Norman Cousins: “…Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. They come to us not knowing that truth. We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work.”

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Dr. Beata A. Carlson at Clearwater, FL

Dr. Beata A. Carlson

A graduate from the University of Maryland, Dr. Beata A. Carlson, is an established professional in dentistry. She is a firm believer in taking on a holistic approach to treating her patients’ dental concerns. It entails a general awareness of the body. It caters to the overall well-being of the patient using natural, biocompatible, and mercury-free dentistry methods instead of ‘spot treatment,’ where solutions are obtained to fix the temporary/surface wound instead of the underlying issue.

This approach promotes healthy living and proper oral care practice for day to day life. Dr. Beata A. Carlson insists on educating her patients on how to engage in such methods to help them achieve a better quality of life.

She invests both time and resources in the latest and most advanced technology to aid in diagnostics and treatment plans for her patients while maintaining a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Dr. Beata A. Carlson is also a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, The American Academy of General Dentistry and The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.