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As natural dentists we are interested in the interrelationships of the various body systems and health. We know what goes on in the mouth can directly effects many body functions.

We do not want to interfere with any systems as we treat the teeth, gums and bony structure of the jaw and in fact hope to help those systems by eliminating toxicity and structural imbalances.

This is where knowledge of meridians comes in. These are a set of energy pathways described in Oriental Medicine as channels of vital energy flow. There are 12 such pathways that connect- energetically- everything that falls on that meridian. Many of these channels pass over specific teeth and then over organs of the body.

The meridian chart on Dr. Wolf’s site show what organs are connected with which teeth.
Knowing the patient’s medical history, the meridian chart helps us look for likely problem areas in the mouth. Also, if a tooth is infected or contains a lot of metal which throws off the electrical balance, this blocks the energy flow along the meridian and can negatively effects the other connected areas on that meridian.

Look at the meridian chart and see if you find a link between your problem teeth and other health concerns.