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Root Canals – Solution or Problem?

Root Canals – Solution or Problem?

Natural Dentistry
July 2017 – Newsletter

Root Canals – Solution or Problem?

Google, “root canals done each year” and 15 million comes up as the answer.  That’s 41,000 done each day.  One might consider this a tremendously successful procedure as it “saves teeth” and everyone is doing it, but for individual patients we see, the root canal is too often the site of chronic infections, which lower the threshold for other diseases to take hold.

A root canal procedure removes the infected and decayed portions of the tooth but at the same time eliminates its vitality.  The root, carrying the nerve and blood flow, is removed rendering it “dead” as a structure.  The canal is then bleached and filled with an inert material to “seal it off.”

By actual observation, many are failed procedures!  And, it makes sense when you consider a “dead” area of the body will very likely attract microorganisms that favor a no-oxygen environment – one cut off from the bodies natural defenses!  What could go wrong there!  Not to mention, the improbability that the disinfectant used at the time of the root canal reached into all the miles and miles of tubules which feed the tooth when alive.

Impact on Health

The impact on health is difficult to estimate, which is probably why this iffy procedure remains in wide use.  As Natural Dentists, the root canal is not the solution!

We see a health resurgence when these old root canals are removed.  With the ability to replace dead extracted root canal teeth with biocompatible zirconia implants, we are ridding the body of a bacterial breeding ground, with a functional, strong and aesthetic replacement with none of the side effects of root canals.

Hear from Dr. Litano and one of our recent patients and see if this doesn’t make sense to you.

Thanks for your interest,

Ray Behm, DDS

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