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Radiation White Paper

White Paper on Radiation from Natural Dentistry Introduction You are exposed to radiation every day, and more than half your radiation exposure is typically due to your medical care. Is it really time to get another x-ray? How risky is it? Is there a simple way for you to make such decisions when confronted with the possibility for another x-ray for your dental or medical care? What do you actually know about radiation – those invisible particles and waves – intersecting with your body? Do you worry about it? Should you worry about how many x-rays you have? If you’re … Continue reading

Newsletter 3-august-2015 Dr.Allen Spiegel Hyperbaric Oxygen

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, as Dr. Spiegel states in this interview, “is the best kept secret in medicine.” By having a person lie in an enclosed chamber, oxygen can be introduced into the body at higher than normal atmospheric pressure, similar to being in the cabin of an airplane, only with 100% oxygen! What does this do for one’s health? Anyone who is experiencing any of the chronic degenerative health issues related to poor blood flow and oxygen delivery can greatly benefit. Any injured tissue, interior or on the exterior, needs lots of oxygen to regain function, so … Continue reading

Newsletter 27-july-2015 Dr.David Kennedy

Microorganisms- They’re Really There! I wanted to pass on to you this video excerpt from Dr. David Kennedy, a long time champion of preventive dentistry. It is “living” proof of the importance of using home care remedies such as the Secret and also illustrates the dramatic benefit received from a Hygiene visit. However uncomfortable, the video is well worth watching and even entertaining! Prevention is the name of the game in Natural Dentistry, as is the importance of the idea that every individual is the primary agent of change for their own health! As a partner, to back you up … Continue reading

Newsletter 15-july-2015 Radiation Video

This subject is in and out of the news but never far away – its Radiation. In this Natural Dentistry Health News Update we interview Arnie and Maggie Gundersen of Fairewinds, a tax exempt educational organization generating reports and providing expert witnesses to inform the public on nuclear power plant operations and safety risks. What is Radiation? Radiation is the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves – moving subatomic particles that cause substances in their path to change their structure and become “charged” as they have gained or lost electrons. Radiation occurs naturally as sunlight and is man-made for use … Continue reading

Newsletter 24-june-2015 Pam Moore Interview

Hello again and thanks for your interest in Natural Dentistry. With this newsletter we introduce a series of interviews conducted over the last year with other health care professionals. It has been a real learning experience and a pleasure to meet so many good people and hear their individual stories. Since the jaw and teeth are an integral part of the body, it is incumbent on us to understand other fields of knowledge, first to gain insight into the forces we are up against in striving for better health, and second to see what new solutions are emerging. In the … Continue reading

Effects of Mercury on The Brain

How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics This short presentation available on the University website clearly shows how mercury in fillings can destroy brain neurons as seen with people who have Alzheimer’s Disease.

Smoking Teeth Mercury Vapor

The dramatic video titled Smoking Teeth / Poison Gas has had a tremendous impact on both the public and professional audiences. The full version plays 40 minutes with interviews of experts in the fields of mercury toxicology, environmental medicine, politics and dentistry