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What Do YOUR Teeth Have To Do With Chronic Disease?

First of all, what is a chronic disease? The US Center for Health Statistics says a chronic disease is one that lasts for three months or more and cannot be prevented by any vaccine or “cured” by medication. It is something that can only be “treated” and often by methods that have side effects causing additional damage. Heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and arthritis are among the most common chronic diseases. The common wisdom is, a lack of good nutrition, poor or nonexistent exercise, or “bad” habits of tobacco use and alcohol consumption are at fault allowing the development of chronic diseases. Statistically, … Continue reading

Natural Dentistry Newsletter – February 2nd 2016

There is a significantly different experience waiting for you in our Hygiene Department! Just within the last year we have incorporated a new technology that means comfort in the chair and a really high level of “clean” in the mouth, above and below the gum line. The AIR-FLOW method Involves projecting a jet of compressed air, water and fine powder particles on the surface of the tooth to polish the surface and remove debris. The AIR-FLOW Master Piezon, is a precision Swiss made desktop device offering the Hygienist three different tools to reach into and remove plaque, resistive calculus and … Continue reading

Natural Dentistry Newsletter – 20 January 2016

The medical care pendulum can swing in the disease/chemical solution direction only so far! As it nears the swing apex it slows to an almost stop, the inertia doomed by its own unworkability. The direction of health care today is swing back toward a healing orientation, where the individual is informed and in charge of their own health. How many of you have come into our office with a long list of well researched questions to ensure we truly were “Natural” in name and practice? Available internet information is driving this new direction. As a good friend says, “Being healthy … Continue reading

Newsletter – January 2016 – Lisa Lindsey

Would you recognize the symptoms of diabetes? Do you know the difference between the various types? They are quite different! It seems like everyone knows that it involves blood sugar levels, but exactly why is it so low or so elevated? What’s the problem? As a hint, it is not a one to one direct relationship with how much sugar you eat. Diabetes is referred to as a metabolic disorder meaning it has to do with the way our bodies use digested food for energy and growth. Anything that crosses the lips and teeth into the mouth, via a dentist or by your own hand, as … Continue reading

Health Practitioner Interview Series: Pamela Seefeld – Clinical Pharmacist and Pharmacognosy Consultant

Interview with Pamela Seefeld – Clinical Pharmacist and Pharmacognosy Consultant   As you know we have been featuring the Health Formula in past newsletters – outlining the parameters of health through aligned structure, better nutrition and eliminating anything toxic to the body, including how the formula relates to dental health. Structure + Nutrition – Toxicity = Physical Health But, what about the addition of drugs or medicines to the Health Formula? Should they not be included? Good question. They are the most widely promoted solution for eliminating disease. This month’s Health Practitioner Video Interview is with Pamela Seefeld, R.Ph, a … Continue reading

Newsletter – 21 November 2015 – Arnell Burghorn Interview

  Here at Natural Dentistry, we consider our mission to be more than patching up holes, infection management, and removal and replacement of teeth beyond repair. It is more than creating a confident and pleasant appearance. All these ARE important and certainly nothing is gained by allowing further deterioration, but with a broader focus on improving patient health, dentistry evolves to a higher plane! It is now clear through medical research that the conditions in the mouth directly relate to and can negatively affect optimum overall body health. Without taking into account the whole body perspective, the dental diagnosis and … Continue reading

Are Mercury Amalgam Fillings Bad For You?

Are Mercury Amalgam Fillings Bad For You?

What is a “Mercury Filling” and is it just mercury? No it is not just pure mercury. It is actually called an “amalgam filling” because it […]

Root Canals – Solution or Problem?

Root Canals – Solution or Problem?

Natural Dentistry July 2017 – Newsletter —————— Root Canals – Solution or Problem ? Google, “root canals done each year” […]

Let’s Hear it for the Immune System

Let’s Hear it for the Immune System

There is a fight going on pitting your body’s immune system against the sea of environmental toxins and disease causing […]

Newsletter – 1 November 2015 Fluoride – Is it a Great Public Health Initiative?? Not Hardly!

As you know, we do not use any fluoride in Natural Dentistry. It has always seemed strange that any government agency or municipal water district would ever consider using a public water system to dispense drugs. (A drug is something that causes a physiological effect when ingested into the body.) Where else is that permitted? Why not aspirin in the water to every home or a decongestant in the system every spring time? This would be unthinkable (I hope) as medication is a personal decision, and medically it is known that different bodies have different tolerances to toxic elements. And, … Continue reading