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Holistic dentist in Clearwater, FL explains what you should know about root canal treatment

What You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment in Clearwater area

In the United States, root canals are one of the most common dental procedures – in fact, it is estimated that over 40,000 are performed each day! While root canals have traditionally been described by dentists as a great way to save your natural tooth after it has been severely damaged or infected, at Natural Dentistry in Clearwater, FL, we take a more cautious approach to restoring your oral health when a tooth has been significantly compromised. Below, our natural dentist explains what you should know about root canal treatment and why we suggest alternative options for keeping your mouth … Continue reading

Patients in Clearwater, FL enjoy hygiene visits with the benefits of EMS technology

Benefits of EMS technology in Clearwater FL area

Most people love the outcome of a dental hygiene appointment – whiter teeth, fresher breath, and a smooth, clean feel. Yet few of us pleasantly anticipate the oral gymnastics, scraping, and polishing of a traditional cleaning procedure. With EMS airflow technology, patients of Natural Dentistry in Clearwater, FL enjoy the health and aesthetic benefits of a clean mouth, without the metal instruments. Why teeth need to be cleaned Bacteria are unicellular organisms. They are believed to the first life form on earth, and they are still around, which tells you a lot about the tenacity of bacteria. Many strains serve … Continue reading

Dental bridge a great tooth replacement option for patients missing front teeth in Clearwater, FL

Dental Bridge for Front Teeth in Clearwater area

Over time, teeth can decay, crack, or sustain injuries that lead to a tooth falling out or needing to be extracted. When this happens to one or more teeth in the front of your mouth, you may be interested in learning about your options for replacing the missing teeth. At Natural Dentistry in Clearwater, FL, dentist Dr. Beata A. Carlson & Associates understands the importance of a healthy, beautiful smile on your self-confidence, and therefore offers several biocompatible treatment options for missing teeth. One option that many patients choose is a dental bridge. What is a dental bridge? Dental bridges … Continue reading

Setting a Pattern for Health!

Setting a Pattern for Health

The information in this interview with Dr. David Minkoff, MD is something everyone should understand if they seek a life of better than average health! His line of reasoning and his experiential track in finding answers to a wide variety of body problems is information sorely needed by all of us! Health requires some conceptual understanding as to how the body functions naturally and what can go wrong in daily living that subverts the internal process of the body that normally protect us! The general population watching TV ads for possible health answers will not gain that conceptual understanding. It … Continue reading

Health in 2017 – A Personal Goal?

Can Natural Dentistry help you take control of your own health? In looking for solutions to body problems you don’t want to “just live with,” you find a lot of information online and many suggestions from concerned friends! But, what’s your solution? How do you get to the source of your problem with confidence that you can halt the progressively deteriorating condition? These people found answers to their own very specific body health problems! >

Unleash the Power: A deterrent to microbial proliferation

Microbes want a life too! They are actively forming an ever-adapting architecture enabling protected colonization around teeth and gums, a structure that resist normal body deterrents to foreign invaders. What if you had the secret weapon that could break down all their defenses? (no, it is not a light saber!) And your secret weapon actually supported and enhanced cellular function? The oral cavity is the site of origin of many systemic diseases and here is a chance to nip those bastards in the bud!

Are Mercury Amalgam Fillings Bad For You?

What is a “Mercury Filling” and is it just mercury? No it is not just pure mercury. It is actually called an “amalgam filling” because it is a combination of metals. These include silver, mercury, tin and copper. This combination has been the most popular filling material used in dentistry for the last 150 years. Dental amalgam is made of between 43 and 54 percent mercury. Amalgam fillings are commonly called “silver fillings” – a marketing strategy to make consumers think that the filling is mainly silver. Why is mercury used in amalgam fillings? Mercury is used in amalgam fillings … Continue reading

Dr. Richard Davis- OgenX Therapeutics

Energy and Light at the Cellular Level There is a communication system within the body that is the least known but perhaps the most basic and important in keeping our complex biology coordinated and functioning! Biophysics, the relatively new and upcoming science of quantum level energy manifestations in the body, describes the biophoton as a light impulse emitted at the cellular level that races through the body via the fascia, the connective sheath that surrounds every cell and organ in the body. This speed-of-light communication always proceeds any and every chemical reaction! If impaired, the normal internal coordination is lacking … Continue reading

Getting Dental Implants? You Should Read This First.

More and more people are finding that they are incompatible to conventional titanium implants and negative reactions to the metal have been found in many patients over the past few years. A replacement material is now available with modern high-performance ceramic zirconium oxide. With metal-free high-performance ceramics, you receive not only an aesthetic and reliable implant treatment; you can also ensure that the disadvantages which metallic titanium implants may exhibit do not occur. In recent years, high strength zirconia ceramics have become attractive as new materials for dental implants. They are considered to be inert in the body and exhibit … Continue reading

Root canals increase the risk of cancer, diabetes and diseases of the brain…

(NaturalNews) As it turns out, in addition to being incredibly unpleasant, root canals may actually pose a major health risk. Dr. Weston Price was one of the first researchers to notice a link between the dreadful dental procedure and illness, but today many doctors believe that root canals have the ability to negatively effect the immune system and total body health. One of the primary concerns about root canals is the risk of secondary infection. A chemical solution is used to cleanse the area of any remaining bacteria, but the potential for lingering bacteria to cause further infection is always … Continue reading