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Let’s Hear it for the Immune System

Let’s Hear it for the Immune System

There is a fight going on pitting your body’s immune system against the sea of environmental toxins and disease causing microorganisms that want to use the body as their host or hostess as the case may be.

I’m for the immune system winning, even though both life forms, the pathogens, and beneficial microorganisms are seeking to survive.

Making matters worse, it is not a conventional predictable war as the pathogens can evolve and adapt to the immune system’s responses eventually gaining the upper hand as the immune system HAS to engage every attack plus eliminate bio-incompatible metals, drugs, and chemicals. It is a conflict on too many fronts, and it is difficult for the mitochondria to keep up the supply of ever-demanded energy needed by the immune system for defense. Something has to give, and it’s often healthy operation!

We are not so much looking at immune dysfunction but rather an overwhelmed immune system thwarted by the clever defenses of the diseases themselves. Adaptations like biofilm created by viruses and microorganisms protect, shield and stymie the immune system. Cancer stimulates an enzyme called Nagalase that shuts down the production of white blood cells (microphage) that are an important part of the immune system clean-up crew. Toxins, like Mercury, bind with amino acids and protein molecules changing their structure, making them look like foreign particles requiring an immune response.

Inflammation, as part of the immune system defense process, is necessarily activated 24/7 for years on end, resulting in the many chronic inflammatory diseases that are so common today (cardiovascular problems, fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc.).

Exposure to mercury from dental fillings and other metals in the mouth are at the bottom of many of these immune reactive conditions. Different types of metals in the mouth chemically interact with each other causing electrical currents which increase the vaporization of mercury. High exposure to electromagnetic fields also induce currents between metals. Over time, elevated levels of mercury are found accumulated in fatty tissue, gums, connective tissue, blood vessel walls, muscle fibers and in the organs.

The immune system needs help.

People are suffering from unrecognized and undetected dental infections, toxic metals and parasite problems. One can suspect they exist when things are not getting better through standard medical care.

The mouth is a central player in regaining health and this is borne out every day in applying Natural Dentistry protocols to patients that need answers.

Listen to and watch this video of patients that found better health through backing up their immune systems by removing their mercury fillings.

Ray Behm, Jr DDS



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Finally!!! We found dentists who care & get it. Your dental health is so important and neglect can cause so many other problems. It's a lot harder/detail oriented to do Natural Dentistry vs 'Tradition Dentistry' Quick fix is easy and ever so common these days among dentists and medical doctors. The common 'toolbox' has pills & bandaids in it and don't forget that bill! Those quick fixes will come back around sooner then later and cause havoc on your system. This place is one of a kind for sure.
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