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In Memory of Dr. Raymond G. Behm
on Natural Dentistry

In Memory of Dr. Raymond G. Behm<br> on Natural Dentistry
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Kirsten S.
Outstanding skills and services. Dr. Beata A. Carlson is one of the best natural dentist in the country. The staff provides amazing service.

In Memory of Dr. Raymond G. Behm on Natural Dentistry

Over the past several decades a lot of research and experimentation has been done under the heading of “Natural Dentistry”. Some findings and applications were much more successful than others: everything from fads to measurable scientific breakthroughs. All the while there’s been resistance from the established medical and dental communities as each owns certain solutions for body problems. For the sake of patients, what’s really needed is for everyone to examine the measurable facts that are contributing to dental advancements.

Today we have a much better picture of what constitutes oral health and the results achieved are pushing Natural Dentistry to the forefront. The advances in Natural Dentistry, the new workable ideas and practices that are pushing it forward, are built on the recognition that teeth, gums and the mechanical structure of the jaw cannot be treated separate from the rest the body. There are connections and interplay throughout the body, and this includes the mouth, so anything done to the mouth can affect other areas of the body and other body conditions can affect the mouth, teeth and jaw.

Here in our office, Natural Dentistry takes on a very real form. The first thing you notice is the natural environment we create to protect the patient. The air in the whole office is treated with ozone along with the water we use with patients. We have particle collection ionizers and patient vacuum systems to capture harmful particles. For Mercury removal we have a special protocol to protect the patient from re-absorbing any mercury as it is taken out of the mouth. As part of various treatments, we routinely utilize ozone, homeopathic remedies, vitamin C and other natural remedies to reduce toxicity and stress on the body. This helps our patients to a fast recovery.

Now, in diagnosis we look at two areas of non-optimum dental conditions: toxicity and structure.

Toxicity refers to poisons which are introduced into the patient or are internally generated by bacteria, both having a destructive effect and structure is the proper alignment of all skeletal parts which includes the jaw and teeth. We know that when these two areas are improved there is a broad beneficial effect throughout the body.

Toxicity or poisons are introduced in several ways:

  1. Through periodontal issues with the gums and bone around the teeth. Bacteria can accumulate in those pockets
  2. Toxicity can occur in and around dead teeth and with improperly done root canals.
  3. Through metal incompatibility and dental procedures, many patients have a toxic reaction to these metals or combination of them for example, galvanic , or just plain allergic reaction.
  4. Cavitations. These are formations in the bone where toxic bacteria can gather, such as in unhealed extraction sites or around wisdom teeth not erupted. Bacteria and toxins can accumulate in these spaces and are systemically circulated.

Structural problems, although less documented, are equally important in discovering the source of dental health problems. The way teeth come together, the bite and jaw position are a chief cause of tooth loss, not decay and gum problems. There is a correct bite position that keeps the head and neck in proper alignment to the rest the body, but this position erodes over time with accidents, bad nutrition, gravity, missing teeth, etc. Signs and symptoms of incorrect bite position can be seen in other parts of the body as in the neck, spine, pelvis, leg length and feet. We measure the ideal location of the jaw position to fractions of a millimeter. Using this information we build a mouthpiece as a template used in repairing or restoring dentition, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the whole body.

What can you expect as a patient from this Natural Dentistry Office?

  1. A perspective of the whole body relative to your teeth in diagnosis is and treatment.
  2. Compatible materials used in all procedures and health precautions taken.
  3. We provide a clear treatment map using the health formula as a guide. We help you find what is currently happening with nutrition, structure and toxicity, then outline a treatment path starting with the areas of highest priority.
  4. Out of this Natural Dentistry approach, we want our patients to be educated with a greater understanding of body health, to be more causative and in control of their body condition and hopeful because they know they’re on the path to dental health, naturally. Good nutrition plus a correct structure with toxicity removed all add up to health.

Welcome to our office.
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In Memory of Dr. Raymond G. Behm
on Natural Dentistry

In Memory of Dr. Raymond G. Behm<br> on Natural Dentistry

Tom B.
I have recently discovered something Life Changing that I would like to share. A little over a year ago I developed some cardiac arrhythmias that were quite troubling. I was on a trip to the Mexican highlands and it very nearly ruined the trip, but I saw my cardiologist immediately upon returning home and his opinion was that there was nothing life-threatening going on, so I just tried to get used to the changes. For over a year I lived with irregular heartbeats, the waking up in the middle of the night, the anxiety of knowing that something was wrong but not having any way of treating it or dealing with the symptoms. On that same trip to Mexico, I cracked a tooth that had a large silver amalgam filling in it, and the....