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How to Get The Most Out of Your Greens

Chewing a salad only allows you to absorb a small amount of the nutrients it has to offer.

To absorb nutrients from a leafy green plant, the cell wall has to be broken down so that the nutrients can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

How to Get The Most Out of Your Greens

Chewing a salad will only break down 20 to 30 percent of the cell walls. This prevents you from absorbing most of the nutrients even though they are passing through you.

What is the best way to break down the cell wall?

Juicing greens is better than chewing them but BLENDING them is the best way to break down the cell walls so that the nutrients can be absorbed in your system.

Juicing will allow you to retain many of the nutrients but you will lose lignans, fatty acids, and amino acids that are bound to the cell membranes. With blending, you also get the fibers and cellulose which are great for your system.

  • Always eat whole foods to get the most amount of nutrition.
  • Your gut is your body’s first line of defense against toxicity.

Any severe illness or decay in the body or the mouth means a poor immune system. A doctor should always address the acute symptoms but never leave the underlying cause un-addressed. The body must be diagnosed as a whole and treated entirely as a functioning machine. Health is an ongoing commitment and never a finite state reached that will remain unless maintained.

The body will fight off bad bacteria if it is healthy and full of good bacteria. So getting the most out of your foods is an essential part of keeping your mouth healthy.

Our formula for health is:

S + N -T = Physical Health
Proper Structure + Good Nutrition – Toxicity = Physical Health

Click here to red more about Dr. Beata A. Carlson’s formula for health.

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Finally!!! We found dentists who care & get it. Your dental health is so important and neglect can cause so many other problems. It's a lot harder/detail oriented to do Natural Dentistry vs 'Tradition Dentistry' Quick fix is easy and ever so common these days among dentists and medical doctors. The common 'toolbox' has pills & bandaids in it and don't forget that bill! Those quick fixes will come back around sooner then later and cause havoc on your system. This place is one of a kind for sure.
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