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Understanding the Benefits of silver fillings safe replacement

Benefits of Removing Amalgam Fillings in Clearwater Area

Dentists have used silver mercury fillings for years to treat cavities and minor tooth decay. However, with more awareness of the dangers of heavy metals in medicine, many patients want to replace their metal fillings with safer, metal-free alternatives.  The advancement in holistic dentistry has enabled the safe removal of mercury restorations. What are mercury silver fillings? Silver mercury fillings are a mixture of several metals, including copper, zinc, silver, and mercury. These fillings typically contain around 50% mercury, with the other metals comprising 50%. Despite being FDA-approved, many patients desire to have their amalgam fillings removed due to the … Continue reading

Removing and replacing mercury fillings at Natural Dentistry

Removing Mercury Fillings in Clearwater Area

At Natural Dentistry of Clearwater, Florida, Dr. Beata A. Carlson and Associates focus on ensuring all materials used in the smile are safe and beautiful. When filling areas of decay, other dentists often use a material known as silver amalgam. However, studies continue to show that these types of fillings are harmful to the mouth and body. What is a silver amalgam filling? In the past, and even in dental offices today, dentists used silver amalgam, a unique material used to fill cavities and repair cracks and other damage to teeth. Silver amalgam is a combination of metals that include … Continue reading

Why you should consider the safe removal and replacement of Silver Mercury Fillings

Safe Silver Mercury Fillings Removal In Clearwater

Many dentists used a material known as silver amalgam to fill teeth affected by decay, which left a noticeable dark color on the tooth. Over time, other materials were considered a lot safer and provided a less noticeable repair to an affected tooth. However, some dentists continue to use silver amalgam fillings, fully knowing how dangerous they can be to the body. Dr. Beata Carlson and Associates of Natural Dentistry in Clearwater, Florida, is a holistic dentist who knows just how unsafe silver amalgam fillings can be. Dr. Carlson and her Associates encourage patients in the area to consider the … Continue reading